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…Juggling hammers takes practice?

Juggling hammers seems hard enough, and I’m sure everyone makes a few mistakes while they’re learning, but watch what happens when you just nail it:

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…Multi-tools need more hammers?

Ultimate Hammer

Apparently there was a time when someone looked at a multi-tool and thought, “Man, I really wish that thing had a hammer”; and soon after the Ultimate Hammer Tool was born. Excess now has a spot in your pocket.

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…Thunder Struck makes cusom bikes?


Thunder Struck Customs makes some sleek and sexy bikes, but the one that really caught my eye was this one, called the Hammer. Featuring a 147 cubic inch motor, six speed transmission, and style that borrows from Ferraris, AC Cobras, concept cars and drag bikes, it definitely put Thuder Struck’s Medford, Oregon shop on the map.

[Thunder Struck Customs]

[Street Chopper – Thunder Struck]

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