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…Clocks can tell you more than the time?

Clock Art

Here’s an incredibly unique art idea: A set of 500 clocks that spells out a message once every 12 hours using focused light and the shadows from the hands of the clocks.

Unfortunately it’s only readable for someone that can read a language other than English, so I can’t tell what it says, but I’ll take their word for it that the concept does in fact work as promised.

[N-1 Experimental Research]

[Via: Kottke]

…JK Keller created Sign Language Matchbooks?

JK Keller - Sign Language Matchbooks

JK Keller took matchbooks that he found on the street and turned them into a series of American Sign Language hands.

Definitely a unique and interesting idea.

[JK Keller – Sign Language Matchbooks]


…Handscape looks violent?


Handscape is a set of rings by Zelda Bauchampet that forms a landscape on your hands, and also doubles as a mean set of brass knuckles.

Just don’t buy them in a back alley…

[Zelda Bauchampet – Handscape]


…Soccer-Tennis is the best of both worlds?


Read enough Didn’t You Hear, and you’ll start to notice that I have an affinity for off-the-wall sports. Thus, Soccer-Tennis is right up my alley.

By combining soccer and tennis (three to a side, no ground contact, no hands, and three touches per play) it’s a best of both worlds idea that looks like it’s as much fun to play as it is to watch.

Now I just need to find a tennis court that I can take over…


[Via: UNEASYsilence]

…Guinness wants you to use your hands?


Hands is a short film from Guinness with some very creative uses of stop motion.

[Guinness – Hands]