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…You can make your own video projector?

Homemade HD Video ProjectorHomemade HD Video Projectors are what happens when you combine art, technology, and determination.

The basic components are an LCD panel from an old media player, optics from an old overhead projector, a very bright light, and whatever components you can scrap together form old electronics.

Though the end result is probably not as good as what you can buy off the shelf, it’s the process that counts, and for these modders, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

[Gizmodo – Homemade HD Video Projectors]

…Bomberos run the roads?


In Perú, kids called Bomberos (firemen) hitch rides on homemade karts to the top of a 1,000 meter mountain, and then ride back down with the help of gravity, delivering food, drinks, and spare parts to broken and stranded trucks.

Looks like fun!

[Photo Via: zerega]

[Via: Street Use]

…It’s TGI Friday: Wood Fired Hot Tub?

Wood Fired Hot Tub

With about $75 worth of materials (a tub, an old liquid propane tank, a gas bottle, and some stainless steel tubing) and a weekend’s worth of work, you can create your very own wood fired hot tub.

Plus, you can cook food over the fire for your hot tub party guests!

[Instructables – Wood Fired Hot Tub]

…Soap box racing is back?


The San Fernando Valley Illegal Soap Box Federation (S.F.V.I.S.B.F.) is a group of people that get together on the weekends and bomb hills in their homemade soap box racers.

Surprisingly, despite the illegal nature of their sport, there are rules and regulations in place to prevent injuries, and everything appears to be rather organized.

Check out the video for some speedy action; and I must say, it actually looks like a blast.

Now where did I put that nailgun…


[Via: Jalopnik]

…You can make your own fireworks?

Homemade Fireworks

This is definitely an ‘at your own risk’ project, but if you’d like to try (and possibly loose) your hand at making your own homemade fireworks, then check out Instructables.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, Stumpy!

[Instructables – How To Make Fireworks]