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…Tom Wrigglesworth helped HP Invent?

HP Invent

Tom Wrigglesworth created a fantastic spot for HP Invent that uses HP printers as “an orchestra in an aesthetic symphony conducted by HP Workstations.”

In less artsy speak, Tom created a kick-ass stop motion movie that uses printed pages to create each frame.

[Tom Wrigglesworth – HP Invent]


…Dodge’s Viper is amazing?


Dodge’s Viper has been my “one day I’ll own it” car since I first hung up an eight foot poster of the original 1992 version, and the new SRT-10 version is no different. The 8.4-liter V10 (up from 8.3) has been tweaked and tuned to produce 600 hp and 560 ft-lbs of ground tearing torque that gets the snake to 60 in under four seconds and to 100 and back again in just over 12 seconds. The hood has also been given six oh so sexy slits to vent the heat form the monster engine, adding even more seduction to the exterior. At this point, I think I’d trade part of a kidney to drive one for a day. Any takers?

[Via: Jalopnik]

[Wikipedia – Dodge Viper]