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…Your iPhone can pre-tend it’s a Pre?


It used to be that other phones tried to copy Apple’s style, but with the Palm Pre on the horizon, a few iPhone owners have sprouted some jealousy for the as yet unreleased hotness, and have created a theme that will pre-tend to Pre-ify your iPhone with icons and a wallpaper.

[James Meister – Pre-Tend iPhone]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…It’s Things Thursday: CelebriDucks?


CelebriDucks are rubber ducks that have been modeled after the duck-ized icons of film, music, athletics and history. From celebrities and famous figures to mascots, athletes, heros and more, over 200 different CelebriDucks have been created, and no one is immune to duck-itization.

CelebriDucks Samples

Each limited edition duck comes in its own container, and can be kept as a collector’s item or floated in the bath for a little extra fun.


…Jon Hicks is an icon master?

Jon Hicks FontExplorer Icon

Jon Hicks is probably most famous for his designing of the Firefox and Thunderbird icons, but it’s also interesting to take a look into his design process for other icons as well and see how they evolve into a final design.

Recently, he finished a series of icon designs for the Linotype FontExplorer app (aka FEX), including 280 new icons in several different sizes, and he uses his blog to highlight some of the initial concepts sketches for the Pro and Server editions, as well as some hurdles faced along the way.

[Hicks Design – FontExplorer]

[Via: Drawn!]

…Patrick Moberg has a problem with governing people?

Governing People

Patrick Moberg’s Governing People animation is a must watch, as it beautifully combines simple icons, bright colors, and audio from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy to explain why people should not be allowed to govern people.

[Patrick Moberg – Governing People]