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…IKEA Heights is a secret IKEA show?

IKEA Heights

IKEA Heights is a melodrama shot entirely inside of the Burbank IKEA. Without their knowledge.

So far they’ve managed to pull off four episodes, but the show could get shut down at any minute, so watch it while you can:

[IKEA Heights]

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…It’s Website Wednesday: Mark On Air Tran?

Mark On Air Tran

Mark Malkoff likes to live in places. Weird places. Corporate sponsored places.

Recently, he spent 30 days flying around on Air Tran flights to highlight their new in-flight wi-fi. During those 30 days, he transferred planes on the tarmac and wasn’t aloud to even enter an airport. He also set the Guinness Book of World Records for most scheduled flights in one month with 135.

Of course he had to keep himself entertained, so he took on a variety of challenges including this one:

Past experiences that Mark has taken on include spending 30 days inside of an IKEA, and visiting 171 Starbucks in a single day.

[Mark On Air Tran]

…Little Red Riding hood has been remade?

If Little Red Riding hood were turned into an IKEA catalog, I’d imagine it would come out looking something like this:

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…Ikea speakers sound good?

Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array

With a few spare speakers and a pair of Ikea salad bowls, you can make your very own Low-Cost Spherical Speaker Array. The design of the speaker radiates sound in a very natural way, similar to the way in which an instrument radiates sound. Plus, they just look cool. Is there anything that Ikea can’t be used for?

[Instructables – Low-Cost Spherical Speaker Array]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]