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…Apple has secrets?

Leopard Icon

The icons that Apple created for its Leopard OS can be blown up to a size that is beyond what anyone can use (unless, of course, you’re using the Coverflow browser), but if you do decide to check them out in full sized glory, you’ll be greeted with a few clever surprises that the designers left in for the inquisitive user.

Click through for nine of the best.

[Usingmac.com – Leopard Coverflow – Secret Of Icons]

…Dominos doesn’t know left from right?

Dominos Pizza

When ordering online, Dominos makes you select a side for your toppings to go on.

Instead of just “half”, they actually make you choose “left” or “right”, which made one inquisitive blogger want to know: Will they deliver what they request?

Apparently not, as the delivered pizza was exactly opposite of what had been ordered.

Just goes to show you that you can’t count on quality anymore…

[Via: The Sneeze]

…A lot of condoms can be worn at once?

CondomsHow many condoms can you wear at once?

That’s the question that one inquisitive team of scientists asked after thinking about the term “double bagging”.

It seems like a simple-minded experiment, and it is, but the result may surprise you, so read through for a lighthearted look at the world of latex.

[My Science Project – How Many Condoms At Once?]

[Via: Boinkology]