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…Tom Wrigglesworth helped HP Invent?

HP Invent

Tom Wrigglesworth created a fantastic spot for HP Invent that uses HP printers as “an orchestra in an aesthetic symphony conducted by HP Workstations.”

In less artsy speak, Tom created a kick-ass stop motion movie that uses printed pages to create each frame.

[Tom Wrigglesworth – HP Invent]


…Travis Pastrana rocked the hydrojump?

Travis Pastrana Hydrojump

Apparently, when you’re Travis Pastrana, conquering regular sports just gets boring after a while, and you need to invent new and unique sports to conquer just to keep yourself busy.

Travis’ latest stunt, called the hydrojump, had him skimming his Suzuki dirtbike at 70 miles per hour for 110 feet in five-foot-deep water, and then launching off of a floating FMX ramp.

[Via: Autoblog]