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Jason Freeny – Anatomical Barbie Model

Anatomical Barbie

Jason Freeny‘s latest work, and possibly his most realistic, is an Anatomical Barbie Model, showing what the inside of the famous toy might look like if it was real.

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…Jason Freeny has a cube brain?

Jason Freeny Brain Cube

Jason Freeny (a long time favorite of DYH) has released his latest sculpture, a fully functional Rubik’s Cube that looks (but hopefully doesn’t feel or smell) like a brain.


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…Goldfish Crackers have bones?

Goldfish Cracker Anatomy

Jason Freeny is back, and this time he’s taken apart a common Goldfish Cracker to document the anatomy inside. As always, it’s great stuff!

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…Hello Kitty has been dissected?

Kitty Half

The latest from Jason Freeny is what he calls “Kitty Half”, showing the anatomic insides of Hello Kitty. Just like his other works, this one takes a pop icon and rips it apart to give you an idea of what the thing would be made of if it existed in the real world. Creepy!

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…Jason Freeny has Cooties?

Jason Freeny Cootie

Jason Freeny’s Cootie is the latest in his series of awesome illustrations which examine what the insides of popular objects would look like if they really existed.

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