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…Changes are afoot?

Kineda Redesign

A few bits of news from around the Blogosphere:

  • The always beautiful Kineda has just undergone a drastic redesign, switching over from the lovely Shoryuken black design to a clean-airy Chun Li design. If you’re looking for insight into the fabulous lifestyle only bling can bring, then check Kineda out.
  • Webomatica has just passed the 1,000 post mark. If you’re looking for great insight into the world of tech, movies, music…and bottle caps, then check Webomatica out as well, since I’m sure the next 1,000 are going to be just as good as the first.



…Kineda blogs with tools?

Jack Bauer Blog

If you’ve been bitten by the blogging bug, then check out Kineda’s list of Essential Tools Every Blogger Should Have. It’s full of good stuff, and I use many of the same tools mentioned, so I can vouch for the authenticity of the list. I’d add a few things, like Technorati and FeedBurner, but the bases are all covered. You know what they say, once you go blog, you never go back.

[Kineda – Essential Tools Every Blogger Should Have]

…The girl of your dreams is only 5 steps away?


If you’re feeling a little lonely this holiday season, maybe it’s time to find the girl of your dreams. Kineda put together the 5 Steps to Getting the Girl of Your Dreams, and it’s filled with great advice for the guy who just can’t seem to get girls out of his dreams and into his reality. Plus, it’s illustrated with Legos, and everybody loves Legos.

[Kineda – 5 Steps to Getting the Girl of Your Dreams]

…Some sneakers are ugly?


Kineda put together a list of the Top 10 Ugliest Sneakers of 2006, and it’s a pretty good demonstration that limited edition does not always mean desirable edition. Would you put your feet in a pair of these?

[Kineda – Top 10 Ugliest Sneakers Of 2006]