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…Scott Weaver knows dedication?

Over the course of 35 years (Scott estimates more than 3,000 hours of labor), he has assembled more than 100,000 toothpicks into a 9’ tall sculpture of San Francisco that includes such favorites as the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, Humphrey the humpback whale, the Ferry Building, and a full tour that he can send ping pong balls through on their way down the city.

Called “Rolling Through the Bay”, it won Best of Show at the Sonoma County Fair, and for good reason.

Check out the video for a little glimpse of what it takes to create such a mad machine:

[Via: Laughing Squid]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Kimini 2.2?


The Kimini 2.2 is a “from-scratch, home-built, carbon shelled, mid-engined (Honda Prelude VTEC 4-cylinder) Mini.

After 3,000 hours of labor and $20K in components and material, I’d say the end result speaks for itself.

Click through for a very detailed account of the build process.

[Kimini 2.2]

…You can get a behind the scenes look at a Nike factory?

Nike 1 Nike 2
Nike 3 Nike 4

Nike factories get a lot of flack as the poster child for underpaid sweatshop style labor. Everything To Everyone managed to get a behind the scenes look at a Nike shoe factory, and it’s a pretty impressive and candid look at one of the most vilified industries on the planet.

[Everything To Everyone – Nike Shoe Factory]

[Via: Josh Spear]