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…Avocado and mango make a tasty ‘wich?

Avocado and Mango Sandwich

Avocado and mango are atop my favorite foods list, so a sandwich that combines the two (plus a cilantro spread) is automatically going to become a ‘must try’.

If you share my love of the mango and the avocado, then check out YumSugar’s ‘Wich of the Week”, an Avocado and Mango With Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise creation.

[YumSugar – ‘Wich Of The Week – Avocado and Mango With Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise Sandwich]

…Reeboks smell like Kool-Aid?

Reebok Kool-Aid

Reebok/Kool-Aid kicks aren’t exactly groundbreaking, since the shoe game is known to bring some unique partnerships together, but what is interesting is that not only do these shoes look like their respective Kool-Aid flavors, they smell like them too thanks to scented sock liners.

Run one includes cherry, strawberry and grape, and more are planned (orange, lemon and lime) if the scented shoe takes off like Reebok surely hopes it will.

What’s your flavor?

[Complex – Reebok/Kool-Aid]

[Thanks Stephen (NSFW)]