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…It’s Things Thursday: Magnetic Battery Eater?

Battery EaterThis Battery Eater might not do much, but it sure does look good while getting every last drop of juice out of your AAs. Just put your battery in the magnetic mouth, and the LED eyes blink away the remaining power.

[Magnetic Battery Eater]

[Via: Technabob]

…Drip Clips are cool?

Drip Clips

Day-Lab found a way of making the paper clip cool again with Drip Clips, a magnetic faucet shaped paper clip holder that uses blue water drop shaped clips to style up your desk.

[Day-Lab – Drip Clips]

[Via: Design Milk]

…Frigits make your fridge more fun?

Frigits 1

Frigits 2

Frigits turn your fridge into magnetic roller coaster where marbles go through a series of funnels, tunnels, catapults, spinners and sheer drops in a kind of Rube Goldberg machine that is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

[Frigits Deluxe]

[Via: Sci Fi Tech]