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…Maxim is hot for 100?

Maxim Hot 100

Maxim’s Hot 100 is always a crowd pleaser, and this year is no different.

With a list of previous winners that includes names like Jessica Biel, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and Marisa Miller, they usually do a pretty good job of picking out some hotties, though I must say that their choice for the #1 hottie this year was a bit surprising. (She occasionally goes by the name McDreamy.)

Check out the full list to see if your favs made the cut, and be sure to dive into their galleries for more pics of each pick.

[Maxim – 2009 Hot 100]

…Bar Refaeli is the 2009 Swimsuit Edition cover model?

Bar Refaeli

Hot on the heels of Marisa Miller’s appearance, Bar Refaeli has been given the honor of gracing the cover of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

As expected, this year’s issue packs quite a few girls in, but not a lot of bikini, and Danica Patrick even makes an appearance to further remove herself from the sport that she’s supposed to be good at.

[Sports Illustrated – 2009 Swimsuit Edition]

…Marisa Miller likes the iPod?

Since this pic is definitely NSFW, click on the following link to view: Marisa Miller’s iPod.

Marisa Miller might have just solidified her place as the hottest Apple Fanboy (Fangirl) in the world with her latest shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in which she wears nothing more than a well placed iPod Video. If only there was a way to differentiate it, I’d be willing to bet that her very lucky iPod would fetch a pretty penny on the ‘Bay.

[Sport Illustrated – Marisa Miller]

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