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…Flickr is reenacting the Far Side?

Far Side Reenactment

Fans of Gary Larson and his Far Side comics should appreciate the Far Side Reenactments pool on Flickr.

In it, fans recreate their favorite comics using original or retouched photos that mimic Larson’s famous drawings, and the results are often impressively accurate and surprisingly funny.

[Flickr – Far Side Reenactment Pool]

[Photo Via: Capt. Tim]

…Photos can be fun without edits?

Tell A Lie

Considering last week’s Iranian missile story, I though that Henry Hadlow’s Tell A Lie project was rather fitting:

    The most controversial lies told with photography today are those told by news photographers who manipulate their work photographs to tell a different story, for example, Liu Weiqiang‘s faked photograph of antelope and the China-Tibet rail link.

He also ads that he wanted to “flip this lie on its head and use a camera to mimic common Photoshop effects”.

Along those same lines, I thought that Fubiz’s Google Images idea was another fantastic way to take a photo with a digital spin that gives it a simple yet fun effect:

Google Images

[Henry Hadlow – Tell A Lie]

[Fubiz – Google Images]