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…Tim Knol is king?

The music video for Tim Knol’s When I Am King uses a combination of stop motion and pyrography, or the soldering of images onto wood, to create a very new and unique look that works quite well for the desired effect:

If you liked the video, you can see more about how they made it HERE.

[Via: Josh Spear]

…This Too Shall Pass?

Chances are, you’ve already seen OK Go’s new video for This Too Shall Pass, but their Rube Goldberg machine is a MUST SEE (and you know how much I love Rube Goldberg machines on DYH) so just in case, here it is:

…Canon guys can never love Nikon girls?

What happens when a Canon guy falls in love with a Nikon girl?

Let’s just say there’s a lot of lens polishing involved:

…Truckers Delight is a classic?

Truckers Delight

Truckers Delight is a music video that takes Spielberg’s Duel and Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat Kill Kill! and Marc Dorcel’s wildest fantasies and warps them into an 8-bit, Sega style animation.

It’s also NSFW (though it’s animated, so it’s not the worst thing in the world) so watch with care:

FLAIRS – TRUCKERS DELIGHT from 3rd Side Records on Vimeo.

[Via: Motionographer]

…Webcam music videos are awesome?

Sour shot the music video for their song Hibi no Neiro using just webcams and an amazing amount of coordination and planning, giving the effect of choreography across time and space.

It’s a little hard to describe, so watch and be inspired: