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…Gizmodo and Engadget are not friends?

Engadget And Gizmodo

Wired Magazine’s article about the rivalry between Gizmodo and Engadget is a fascinating look at the two kings of tech blogging.

If you’re a fan of either site, then it’s a must read for a look behind the scenes at what makes them tick.

[Wired Magazine – Gear Blog Rivals Engadget and Gizmodo Turn the Competition Up to 11]

…Apple is an evil genius?

Apple Evil Genius

Wired Magazine has a fantastic article about Apple called “How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong” that dives into the Apple development world and discusses how the company goes against the silicon valley norms, yet manages to churn out amazing products time and time again.

If you’d like to know more about the often mysterious company, it’s a must read, and should be paired with Fortune Magazine’s article, “The Trouble With Steve Jobs” for a full rundown of one of the most talked about companies of the last ten years.

[Wired Magazine – How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong]

[Fortune Magazine – The Trouble With Steve Jobs]

…LifeHack put together their best from 2006?

DYH’s Life Hack #1: Instead of taking the time to find your own stuff, just wait for the best of list to come out so you can get right to the good stuff. LifeHack has hacked their own hacks by putting together a list of their 50 best from 2006, and it’s a must read if you’re looking to increase your productivity and improve your life.