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…Cupcakes can look meaty?

Hamburger Cupcakes

I’m always amazed by the things people can do with deserts.

These cupcakes have been made to look like little hamburgers, with vanilla cupcake buns, chocolate cupcake burger patties, green coconut lettuce, frosting mustard and ketchup, and little sesame seeds held on with a brushing of orange juice.

Genius, and delicious!

[Smiley’s Sweets And Creations – Little Slider Cupcakes]


…Danny Kass likes yellow snow?

Danny Kass Zoom Force 1

How does Nike come up with the design for a snowboard boot like the new Danny Kass Double Tongue Zoom Force 1?

Apparently there’s a lot of weird mustard and yellow snow involved:

According to Danny,

The pattern is of a seventies flash back inspired by the music of that generation. With the old and the new we bring you a very limited piece to make you feel good!

In addition to the boot, Nike is also releasing an entire kit of products, including a lightweight shell and graphic tees:

Danny Kass Yellow Snow Kit

If you like the design, or the song from the video, be sure to visit Nike’s site where you can download an MP3, view additional videos and more.

Suckin’ on some yellow snow…

[Nike Snowboarding – DK-TS]