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…It’s TGI Friday: Line Golfer?

Line Golfer

How do you make Line Rider better?

Easy: Add in clubs, and let the man golf.

Line Golfer gives you the tools to make your own course, and then lets you play it with Line Rider physics.

There are sand traps, rough stuff, and fairway to design with, and when you add in some creativity, you’ll be playing through your very own Putt Putt palace in no time.

[Line Golfer]

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…Halo got Legoed.

As the release of Halo 3 nears, everything is getting Halofied.

For instance: Check out Nathan Sawaya’s time-lapsed creation of a Lego Master Chief:

Boss of the bricks indeed.

[Nathan Sawaya]

[Via: MTV Multiplayer]