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…Christmas trees can be unusual?

Mountain Dew Christmas TreeLooking to celebrate Christmas a little…differently, this year?

Then check out Neatorama’s list of The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees.

Featuring the Upside Down Christmas Tree, the Mountain Dew Christmas Tree, the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree, and the Giant Christmas Tree (among others), it’s a great source of inspiration if the Douglas Fir just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

[Neatorama – The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees]

[Mountain Dew Christmas Tree]

…Trees are magnificent?

Lone Cypress

Neatorama put together an impressively informative list of the 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World. Check it out to see if your favorite made the list.

[Neatorama – 10 Most Magnificent Trees In The World]

…Neatorama knows fads?

Ant Farm

Neatorama has a fantastic post called “37 Fads That Swept The Nation”. Including such greats as troll dolls, telephone-booth stuffing, Pac-Man, goldfish swallowing, and ant farms, it’s filled with Americana and some wonderful explanations of the history of each fad. Who would have thought the hula hoop would have been so popular (25 million sold in four months)?

[Neatorama – 37 Fads That Swept The Nation]