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…One Is The Loveliest Color?

One Is The Loveliest Color

New York Magazine (recently famous for getting Lindsay Lohan naked) did a piece called “One Is the Loveliest Color” which profiled five people who only wear one color.

Why would anyone choose to go monochrome?

You’ll just have to read on to find out:

[New York Magazine – One Is The Loveliest Color]

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…Gums have been ranked?

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum fans rejoice!

New York Magazine has teamed up with WD-50 to chew through 132 different kinds of gum to determine which bubblegum, fruit and mint flavored gum is the best, based on mouthfeel, bulk, flavor intensity, and “the general pleasure of the squish-squish sensation going on between our teeth”.

Did your chew of choice make the cut?

Click through to find out.

[New York Magazine – Taste Test: Gum]

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