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…You can eat googly eyes?

Edible Flying Spaghetti Monster

After more than a year of “painstaking directed research” by their Experimental Foods Division, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has figured out how to make 100% edible googly eyes.

The formula is a mixture of gelatin capsules, sprinkles, and whoppers, and the end result are eyes that are perfect for your food face of choice. Plus, by adding the eyes to a mixture of noodles and marshmallows, they have also created a wonderfully delicious looking version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

What will you make with yours?

[Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – 100% Edible Googly Eyes]

…Spaghetti is good to read?

Spaghetti Book

Superdupia’s Spaghetti Book is a fun way to portion your noodles. Just shove your noodles through the appropriate holes, and in no time you’ll have a mouthful of tasty.

[Superdupia – Spaghetti Book]