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…Mini wants to teach you Power Slide Parking?

Power Slide Parking

Mini’s Power Slide Parking is a surprisingly fun advergame.

The goal is to slide your Mini Racer into a spot (between a street conspicuously full of Minis) after dodging and jumping your way through obstacles that are trying to cramp your style.

Can you show the guys what you’re made of?

[Mini – Power Slide Parking]

[Via: Adverblog]

…It’s TGI Friday: Adidas Originals


Adidas Originals are fantastic Flash games that bring sports back to the streets with events like Urban Archery (score by shooting arrows as far as possible), the 10M Dive Bomb (twist your body to make the biggest splash possible), Freestyle Hurdles (get over (or under) 10 hurdles in a 400 meter race through a construction zone) and the Shopping Cart Bob (you, a tricked-out shopping cart and a steep hill full of obstacles).

Click the link to play:
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