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…Women can pee while standing with the Whizbiz?

A product that lets women pee while standing up sounds like an odd contraption, but when you can pull pranks like the following, its benefits become clearer:

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…The Los Angeles Times got Rick Rolled in a good way?

Rick AstleyThe Los Angeles Times managed to score an exclusive interview with the man behind the Roll, and with insight such as “I think it’s just one of those odd things where something gets picked up and people run with it; But that’s what brilliant about the Internet.” it’s a must read.

[The Los Angeles Times – Rick Astley Interview]

…FILE Magazine expects the unexpected?

Painter’s Thumb By Nawfal Nur

FILE Magazine is a collection of photographs that treat subjects in unexpected ways, creating new genres with alternate takes, odd angles, unconventional observations, and more, FILE isn’t Kodak, Vogue or ESPN, and it definitely isn’t a photoblog, photo challenge/contest, or group photo album. FILE is, however, a great place to go for inspiration, improvisation, and imagination. If you want to see the world through a different lens, check out what FILE has to offer, but be prepared for a perspective shift.

[FILE Magazine]

[Photo: Painter’s Thumb By Nawfal Nur]

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