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…Creebobby Comics has created characters that multiply?

I love this Official Creebobby Comics Archetype Times Table. From Ninja Monsters and Astronaut Zombies to T. Rex Aliens and Vampire Lincoln, Jacob Borshard has covered the entire spectrum of crazy characters, and each one is funny and fantastic:

Creebobby Comics Times Table

[Creebobby Comics]


…The Grawlix is #@$&ing cool?


You know the string of symbols that come out of a cartoon character’s mouth every time they swear?

Apparently it’s called a Grawlix.

Mort Walker (the Beetle Bailey cartoonist) coined the term around 1964, and though the Oxford English Dictionary doesn’t officially recognize it as a word, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start using it every chance you get.


[Via: Hoefler & Frere-Jones]

…Jon Dyer loves facial hair?


According to the official chart of facial hair types, there are 34 different types of facial hair.

According to Jon Dyer, he’s done 24 of them so far, and plans to continue until his face has featured each one.

Check out his blog for a documentation of his quest.

[Jon Dyer’s Blog – The Quest For Every Beard Type]

[Via: Swissmiss]

…It’s Movie Monday: Cans Festival Time-Lapse?

Cans Festival

The Cans Festival was Banksy’s street art event that took place in London a few months back.

Now, there’s an official time-lapse video of the festival coming together, and it’s a fantastic look at some alternative art coming together and taking shape.

[The Cans Festival]

[Via: SuperTouch]

…Nike’s Mercurial Vapor SLs are amazing?

Nike Mercurial Vapor SL

Though I couldn’t find much in the way of official information, it doesn’t take a press release to know that these shoes are special.

Called the Nike Mercurial Vapor SL, they are made of nearly 100% carbon fiber, and weigh just 6.7 ounces.

It took Nike three years to design and produce the shoe, and features include an outsole plate made from seven layers of carbon composite material interwoven with TPU and polyurethane, a molded carbon fiber upper, and an internal carbon fiber chassis for “instant acceleration”.

Plus, if Cristiano Ronaldo approves them, then who are you to say otherwise?

[Nike Mercurial Vapor SL]

[Via: Uncrate]