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…Your desktop wallpaper can help you be productive?

Desktop Wallpaper

Your desktop wallpaper is an often-overlooked tool to help you stay organized.

Simple Help has put together a list of five different wallpapers that will help you increase your productivity, and by switching to one of them, you’ll never have to stare at XP’s rolling hills or Mac’s swirly colors again.

[Simple Help – 5 Desktop Wallpapers That Will Increase Your Productivity]

…It’s Movie Monday: Fridges?

Nothing says dark digital short like…fridges?

Animator Fujio Tanabe’s short, called Fridges, was part of New York’s Japan Cuts, an annual festival of Japanese cinema, and takes a dark look at the often overlooked appliance that’s probably lurking in your kitchen right now.

Do you know where your leftovers are?

[Via: New York Magazine]