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…Audrina Patridge likes bikinis and burgers?

Audrina Patridge Bikini Burger

First there was Paris Hilton, then Padma Lakshmi, and now Audrina Patridge from The Hills, Playboy and, oddly enough, PETA, is the latest to put burger in her face for Carl’s Jr.

Sure, you probably can’t eat more than a bite of burger every year or so and still look like that in a bikini, but who’s worried about the details?

Edit: Here’s the final spot:

[Via: AdFreak]

…Padma Lakshmi does Hardee’s food porn?

Padma Lakshmi

If you think Paris Hilton is the only person that can do burger based food porn, then think again, because Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi proves that she knows a thing or two about making meat sexy as well:

[Via: AdFreak]