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…T-Post lets you play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your t-shirt?

Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt

T-Post is a monthly magazine that gets delivered as a t-shirt, with the news story on the inside, and an artist’s interpretation of that new story on the outside.

This month, they’re talking about Higher Education, and Marc Stromberg’s t-shirt design includes an augmented reality tag that allows you to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with a hand that comes out of your chest when you sit in front of a webcam.

Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Now I’m not quite ready to call Augmented Reality clothing a trend, but with the Adidas AR Game Pack and now a shirt that plays Rock, Paper, Scissors, the world of fashion is quickly becoming a world where things aren’t always as they appear.

[T-Post – Higher Education]

…Adidas is adding AR to their Game Pack shoes?

Adidas Originals AR Game Pack

Sure, your shoes look good and show off your style, but do they do anything besides keep your feet protected?

If they’re part of the Adidas Augmented Reality collection they do! Starting in February of 2010, Adidas will release a collection of shoes with an augmented reality code built directly into the design. These five special kicks, called the Adidas Originals AR Game Pack, will unlock an exciting online experience with challenging games and exclusive content living within a virtual version of the Adidas Originals Neighborhood.

Are you ready?

[Adidas Originals – AR Game Pack]

…It’s Website Wednesday: PopScopic?


PopScopic is an interesting mashup that uses augmented reality to enhance your shopping experience.

On PopScopic, you can print out three symbols that are linked to the top ten lists for music, movies and games. Then, just fire up your webcam and put one of those symbols in front of it, and you’ll see the cover art from the top ten list projected in front of you. You can tilt the paper to change selections, and then just tap on the $ sign to visit a page where you can buy that item.

It’s not a world changing experience by any means, but it is a peak into the future of shopping, and it’s fun and easy to play around with, so check it out!


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…It’s TGI Friday: Dual Citizenship?

Sealand Passport

DidntYouHear is doing something big today. It’s bigger than big. It’s like a whole other country big. That’s because today, DYH is offering you the chance to become a dual citizen. That’s right. You, the used to be single citizen, now has the chance to be a globe trotting, multiple passport holding dual citizen, a proud resident of your current country, but also a proud new founding father of Sealand (or whatever other country The Pirate Bay decides to plunder). As a dual citizen, you will be able to come and go as you please, laughing at the limited mobility of your single citizenship friends. Ability to write your own rules? Check. Ability to download to your hearts content from a country with no copyright laws? Hopefully check. Ability to boast about your dual citizenship when most people can only claim just one? Definitely check. So what do you have to do to earn such a prestigious place atop the world of single citizenships? Spread the word. DYH is a growing community, but more people need to know about it. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your dog, just make sure to tell someone who can type, because they’re going to need to be able to type to earn you your citizenship. To enter, convince someone you know to post a comment for this post. Each time someone puts your name into their comment, you earn an entry. All they need to do is register, and then type the name that you registered with, and you get one spot. Each time your name is mentioned (by a different person), you get an additional entry. Then, on Sunday, one name will be drawn at random, and a donation will be made to the Buy Sealand fund in your honor, earning you a spot on the citizen list when the new country forms. All it takes is a small step towards a big change, and you never know where it might take you.

Edit: As a bonus, anyone who adds DidntYouHear to their Technorati favorites will earn an extra entry. Just sign up for an account (if you don’t already have one), add DYH, and you’re in the running. Technorati is the premiere blog search engine, and also a great way to keep track of your favorite sites, so you’ll never miss another sweet opportunity like this one again.

[Buy Sealand]