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…It’s Things Thursday: Nookanooka?


Nooka makes some pretty crazy watches, so it’s only fitting that they make a pretty crazy watch holder as well.

Called the Nookanooka, “their physiology is transient, eternal in their world, ephemeral yet immortal in ours – beyond imagination yet real enough to feel. Time is to them as carbohydrates are to us, and from this they poo carrots and kittens [or anything else you can request]. They pee gravity and what is the equivalent of light to them is dark matter in our universe”.

[Nooka – Nookanooka]

[Via: DesignNotes]

…Women can pee while standing with the Whizbiz?

A product that lets women pee while standing up sounds like an odd contraption, but when you can pull pranks like the following, its benefits become clearer:

[Via: DoubleViking]