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…Gizmodo loves the Lego minifig?

Lego Minifig

The Lego minifig is a cultural icon, having been introduced in 1978, and remaining virtually unchanged for thirty years.

To see the evolution of the iconic figure, Gizmodo painstakingly collected and cataloged almost every minifig ever produced into a photographic timeline, and it’s a great look through the history of the fixed limb figure.

[Gizmodo – Lego Minifig Timeline]

…Your photography needs to be inspired?

InspirationHave you run into a photographic dry spell, and find yourself in search of some inspiration?

Then check out Photopreneur’s list of 60 Sources of Inspiration for Photography.

With everything from “Visit a Flea Market” to “Shoot Yourself”, there should be at least a few ideas that spark an idea of your own. (And if not, then maybe you’re not in a dry spell after all!)

[Photopreneur – 60 Sources Of Inspiration For Photography]