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…It’s Movie Monday: Snow Park Rally?

Remember the pics of Ken Block jumping his Subaru around in the snow?

Well now there’s video, and it’s equally amazing:

In addition to that video, there’s also a few others at the DC Shoes site, so be sure to check those out as well.

Anyone want to sponsor a DYH WRX?

[DC Shoes – Snow Park Rally]

[Via: 0-60 Mag]

…Digg wants to show you the pics?

Digg Pics

When Digg added an Images category to the site, they also added a new program to their Digg Labs called Pics.

As images are submitted or Dugg, they move from the left to the right of the screen in columns by category.

Though, as with all Digg Labs products, it’s of limited use in terms of speeding up the Digg process, it does give an interesting look into the always changing, evolving, and updating world of Digg, as well as Digg trends in real time, so it’s definitely worth a look.

[Digg Labs – Pics]

[Via: Mashable]

…ColorWare continues to paint Apples?


At this point, a new ColorWare lineup is almost non-news, since they just release their new pics as soon as they have time to gather up one of each product and spray away, but I still love the look of the multicolored Apples, so I’m posting this announcement here for the aesthetic appeal more than anything.

Almost makes it so that you can justify the extra cost, doesn’t it?