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…It’s Website Wednesday: PixelJam?


PixelJam makes all kinds of crazy 8-bit goodness, including games like RatMaze, where you must hunt down various types of tasty cheese as a pixelated mouse, Gamma Bros, where you help the 21hard-working duo of Buzz and Zap get home in an award winning space shooter, and Dino Run, a multiplayer game where you must run, jump and claw your way to survival.

They also host a rather cool collection of 8-bit art, let you download their original 8-bit music, and have a shop if you’d like to sport some 8-bit gear.

Plus, Format Mag has a nice little interview with the creators if you’d like to read about what inspires their pixelated creations.


[Format – PixelJam]

…Craig Oldham developed a nudist typeface?

Nudist TypefaceTypically I’m not a typeface type of person, but Craig Oldham’s Nudist Typeface just couldn’t be passed up.

Featuring pixelated fonts, fig leaf fonts, and censor bar fonts, it’s a collection of letters that just might not be SFW.

[Craig Oldham – Nudist Typeface]

[Via: Kottke]