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…Mario has once again wed the Princess?

Mario Kart Wedding Cake

Mario and the Princess have shared cake space before, but this Mario Kart themed wedding cake is a fantastic tribute to the Italian plumber.

Featuring elements from multiple Mario Kart games, as well as a few aspects borrowed from other Super Mario Bros. games, this definitely ‘takes the cake’ when it comes to creative ways to celebrate holy matrimony.

[Flickr – Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake]

[Via: Sprite Stitch]

…Paper Mario still kicks bad guy butt?

This Paper Mario Animation features the portly plumber stop-motioning his way through a typical level of killer mushrooms and angry turtles.

Good work sketch (537CH)!

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Kohler makes a Class Five toilet?

Kohler Class Five

To advertise for their Class Five toilet system, Kohler has created an interactive video where you command plumber Jo to try and clog the toilet with various items spread around the bathroom. Poor duckie.

[Kohler – Class Five]

[Via: Say No To Crack]