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…Phat Dippin’ is in?

Phat Dippin'

What’s the new craze that’s sweeping the nation?

Phat Dippin’:

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…Flickr is reenacting the Far Side?

Far Side Reenactment

Fans of Gary Larson and his Far Side comics should appreciate the Far Side Reenactments pool on Flickr.

In it, fans recreate their favorite comics using original or retouched photos that mimic Larson’s famous drawings, and the results are often impressively accurate and surprisingly funny.

[Flickr – Far Side Reenactment Pool]

[Photo Via: Capt. Tim]

…Kobe Bryant has skills?

Kobe Bryant is on a roll!

After jumping over an Aston Martin in his new Nike Hyperdunks:

He then joined the Jackass cast, and dunked over a pool full of black mambas:

What will they think of next?

…It’s Things Thursday: iRobot Verro?

iRobot Verro

If you own a swimming pool, then you’ve probably already come to the sad realization that while the swimming part is fun, the cleaning part is not. Thankfully, iRobot is bringing their robotic magic to the pool with the release of their new Verro product line. Designed to do for your pool what the Roomba did for your living room (allow you to be really lazy while robots do your chores), the Verro is available in two flavors. The 300 is smaller and is designed for smoother surfaces and smaller pools, while the 600 is larger and is designed for tile surfaces and larger pools. Both are designed to save you time and energy, and they can filter debris down to 2 microns for that really clean feeling. Plus, everything is built in, so there are no hoses to worry about. Just drop it in and let it do its thing. Sadly, these pool boys won’t be appearing on the cover of any romance novels any time soon, but the days of robotic servants are officially upon us.

[iRobot – Verro]

…Trick shot pool is easy to learn?

Trick Billiard Rack

If you’ve always wanted to learn trick shot pool, but never had the patience to set up the balls correctly, this Trick Billiard Rack is just the thing you’ve been looking for. It can be used for 20 different trick shots, including the one made famous by Paul Newman in The Hustler. Sounds like a sound investment in your hustlability to me.

[Things You Never Knew Existed – Trick Billiard Rack]

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