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…The Nooka Zon is sophisticated?

Nooka Zon

Nooka has always been known for watches that are a little…unique, but their latest line, which drops next week and will be called the Zon, features a style that I think most people could agree with. (And a price tag that many cannot, at $650!)

The pixel system counts the time, and there’s a world time setting for world travelers.

Tired of counting pixels just to tell the time?

Not a problem. Nooka’s Zon can also be told to tell the time in a standard digital time format, though that’s probably not that important for the Zon’s intended audience.

With its leather or silver band and a subdued, sophisticated looking face however, the Zon may just represent the changing face of Nooka, though I wouldn’t worry to much about them loosing their edge.


[Via: William Yan]

…You can get the MacHeist Bundle for free?

MacHeist Retail Bundle

Sure, the new MacHeist Bundle is nice, and with 12 apps and a price tag of just $49, it’s a pretty good deal, but what if you could get similar functionality with the price tag of just $0?

Sounds good, right?

Well Lifehacker did just that, and came up with a list of no-cost alternatives that offer most, if not all of the functionality with none of the price.

Now that’s a bundle!

[Lifehacker – Free Alternatives to the MacHeist Bundle]

…Many men have more taste than money?

More Taste Than Money

The problem with having style is often not having enough money to acquire it. Thankfully, Men.Style.com has put together a list of 21 products that are stylishly chic, yet have price tags that won’t break the bank. Looking frugal has never looked so good.

[Men.Style.com – More Taste Than Money]

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