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…It’s Website Wednesday: The Casual Collective?

The Casual Collective

From the guys that brought you the highly addictive Desktop Tower Defense game comes The Casual Collective, a website filled with games that are guaranteed to suck hours out of your otherwise productive life.

The Casual Collective Games

Featuring classics like Desktop Tower Defense and Flash Elements Tower Defense as well as newcomers like Desktop Armada, a fleet command game where you must destroy the enemy base on your desktop, Minions, a multiplayer battle game similar to DTD, and Buggle Stars, a fun and addicting game where you must jump, hop, race, fly and dive your Buggle around to collect stars, there are sure to be games for just about everyone.

Just don’t start playing if you don’t have an hour or two to waste, because they don’t call these addicting on accident!

[The Casual Collective]

…Your desktop wallpaper can help you be productive?

Desktop Wallpaper

Your desktop wallpaper is an often-overlooked tool to help you stay organized.

Simple Help has put together a list of five different wallpapers that will help you increase your productivity, and by switching to one of them, you’ll never have to stare at XP’s rolling hills or Mac’s swirly colors again.

[Simple Help – 5 Desktop Wallpapers That Will Increase Your Productivity]

…Sean Ohlenkamp is bored?

Once a day for 365 days, Sean Ohlenkamp took a screenshot of his desktop, and then made them into a movie.

I guess you’d call this productively bored.

[Via: Neatorama]