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…Star Wars is Uncut?

Star Wars: Uncut

Star Wars: A New Hope is currently being remade 15-seconds at a time with Star Wars: Uncut. To make the remake, the original movie was cut into 15-second segments, and then anyone could log on to the Star Wars: Uncut website and claim any segment. The segments will then be shot by the person that claims them, and then at the end, they’ll all be stitched back together into a full movie.

The result is almost guaranteed to be somewhere between a Sweded masterpiece and a fanboy nightmare, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for updates and posting anything that I hear.

[Star Wars: Uncut]

…Little Red Riding hood has been remade?

If Little Red Riding hood were turned into an IKEA catalog, I’d imagine it would come out looking something like this:

[Via: Brand Flakes For Breakfast]

…It’s TGI Friday: Ragdoll Cannon: Remake?

Ragdoll Canon

Ragdoll Cannon: Remake is a short, fun game from the same person that created Contrast Cannon, and the goal this time is to shoot a ragdoll out of a canon and hit the target in as few shots as possible.

The online version has 25 different levels, and each one gets progressively harder, or you can download the full game for Windows that features 170 levels of ragdoll firing fun.

[Kongregate – Ragdoll Canon]

[Ragdoll Canon]

[Via: Zoomdoggle]

…Bullit should have been Italian?


It’s supposed to be a Bullit remake (the site’s in French) but regardless of what it’s supposed to be, a black Ferrari F430 chasing an orange Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera through the streets of Paris is definitely something to be seen and heard: