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…Motorcycles are small?

Monster Cycle

Why would anyone spend three years building an 11-foot tall, 20-foot long, 10.5-foot wide motorcycle that weighs 6,500 pounds?

Why not?

Gregory Dunham is the man behind this ‘world’s tallest rideable motorcycle’, and has spent over $300,000 bringing his dream to life.

Plus, with a 502 cubic inch big block powering this beast to a top speed of 65 mph, it’s a ride that can keep up with traffic while everyone stops to stare.

[Monster Cycles]

[Via: Spluch]

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…Nike is going Back To School?

Nike Back To School

Nike’s “sneaker packs” are some of the most creative shoe designs out there. Take, for example, this “Back To School” package, that features “Notebook” Dunk Highs, “Elmer’s Glue” Air Max 90s, and “Crayon” Vandal Highs.

They’re not exactly subtle, but they would definitely make for a perfect first day of school pair, or a great ‘remember when’ pair to put on when you’re missing ‘the good ‘ole days’.

[Via: Nice Kicks]