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…It’s Website Wednesday: W/ Extra Duck?

W/ Extra Duck

W/ Extra Duck is a fantastically contagious collection of art pieces that have been given the addition of a little extra duck.

Some are hidden and some are plainly obvious, but it turns into a sort of game to try and locate them all, and you will probably find yourself rather amused by the little rubber guy after a while, so head on over to Flickr and appreciate art w/ a little extra duck.

[Flickr – W/ Extra Duck]

…Nicolas Gaudron’s work is shocking?

Suicide Duck

Nicolas Gaudron’s Electric Bath Duck For Suicidal Tendency is a shocking combination of bath play toy and suicide assistance device. Suffice it to say, it doesn’t come with a warranty.

[Nicolas Gaudron – Bath Duck]

[Via: We Make Money Not Art]