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…Sports can be sexy?

Sexy Athletes

Need a new reason to watch sports?

Then check out Sand & Cotton’s list of the 12 Sexiest Female Athletes.

Featuring 12 of the top women from various sports, it’s proof positive that beauty and brawn can go together quite nicely.

[(NSFW) Sand & Cotton: 12 Of The Sexiest Female Athletes]

…Tattoos can be terrible?


Sand & Cotton’s “You’re Getting WHAT? Tattoo’ed WHERE?” is now in its second installment, and continues to be a source of grotesquely interesting tattoo art that people choose to adorn their body with (though sometimes I hope it was done drunkenly/mistakenly). There are definitely some unique designs, though I don’t know that I’d ever want to see one of them on my own skin.

[(NSFW) Sand & Cotton – You’re Getting WHAT? Tattoo’ed WHERE? VOLUME 2]