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…The Savage Chickens have been animated?

Savage Chicken

Laura Veirs wanted a music video for her new album, called Saltbreakers, so she created a contest, and opened up to artists for submissions.

The winner was this stop-motion film of the Savage Chickens by Doug Savage, and considering the stolen status of the Bravia Bunnies ad, this just might be my favorite new piece of stop motion.

[Via: Savage Chickens]

[Laura Veirs – Saltbreakers]

…Your band needs a name?

Metal Band Name Generator

Are you one name short of the greatest rock band in rock band history? Then let Doug Savage’s Savage Chickens come up with one for you. Using his Metal Band Name Generator, you can string together two of the most uselessly descriptive words that are sure to sound great when you scream them out to your adoring fan. Rock on.

[Savage Chickens – Metal Band Name Generator]

[Via: The Generator Blog]