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…Food can be scarry?

Baby Mice Wine

Think adding extra Fire sauce to your Taco Bell tacos makes your food scary?

Then check out the six most terrifying foods in the world.

Guaranteed to turn your stomach, these are an easy way to loose an appetite.

Seconds, anyone?

[Cracked – The Six Most Terrifying Foods In The World]

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…Einstein’s time is all relative?

Einstein Watch

The Einstein Relativity Watch works just like a regular watch, but instead of a second hand, the numbers spin around the dial every 60 seconds. What time is it anyways?

[Einstein Relativity Watch]

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…Timeline scrolls the date and time?

Timeline Clock

The Timeline Clock is an interesting concept where the date and time are shown on bands that scroll across the screen. It’s a unique way of displaying information, and somehow captivating, though you only really notice the seconds and minutes scrolling along (which does put the slow movement of everything else into perspective). If someone could figure out how, I’m sure this would make an amazing wristwatch. If you click on the clock, you can download Timeline and use it as a screensaver. Very cool.


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