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…PDFMeNot takes the pain out of PDFs?


From the team that brought you the fantastically useful BugMeNot and RetailMeNot comes PDFMeNot, a new web services that aims to make PDF files much easier to use.

Instead of launching a separate (and often slow) application to view PDF files, PDFMeNot takes those files via upload, URL, bookmarklet, or script and turns them into a Flash display of your document that is cached for future reference.

Take that Adobe!

(The site is in Beta mode until Feb. 13, so login with username: “stateless” and password: “systems” until then.)


[Via: Read Write Web]

…Lewis Lavoie makes mural mosaics?

Mural Mosaic Adam

Lewis Lavoie’s Mural Mosaics are amazing pieces of art that are created by combining separate paintings into one masterpiece mural.

(These remind me of the album art advertisements.)

To see how he does it, watch the following video, where he is creating Adam, seen above.

[Mural Mosaics]

[Via: The Presurfer]