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…Dominos doesn’t know left from right?

Dominos Pizza

When ordering online, Dominos makes you select a side for your toppings to go on.

Instead of just “half”, they actually make you choose “left” or “right”, which made one inquisitive blogger want to know: Will they deliver what they request?

Apparently not, as the delivered pizza was exactly opposite of what had been ordered.

Just goes to show you that you can’t count on quality anymore…

[Via: The Sneeze]

…Facebookers aren’t MySpacers?

Facebook Vs. MySpace

Is there a difference between Facebook and MySpace users?

Danah Boyd seems to think so, and has written an entire paper about the socioeconomic divide that separates the MySpacers from the Facebookers. Which side are you on?

[Viewing American Class Divisions Through Facebook And MySpace]