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…It’s TGI Friday: Sift Heads Sniper Game?

Sift Heads

Sift Heads Sniper Game is a half movie, half sniper shootout game that manages to tell a story along the way.

Each mission revolves around a certain person or persons that you must shoot, and as you progress your way through various levels, the story manages to progresses along with you in a believable way.

Can you survive?

[Sift Heads Sniper Game]

…Games are good for wasting time?


Got some time to waste? Duvet Days has put together a pretty good list of their Top 10 Time Waster Games, including some of the classics like Scratchpad, Mansion Impossible, Bin Ball, Line Rider, and Sift Heads. Just make sure you clear your calendar.

[Duvet Days – Top 10 Time Waster Games]