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…It’s Things Thursday: Nooka AO?

Nooka AO

Nooka has always been known for their unique looking watches, but now they’re branching out into other fashion accessories, and the first new offering is a line of wallets they’re calling the Nooka AO, or Asset Organizer.

The Nooka AO is made from silicon, which will fold and bend without breaking or damaging your cards, and it includes a few dividers to keep everything neat and tidy.


[Via: Nooka Via: Acquire]

…Phillipe Starck’s Cross Digi is impressive?

Phillipe Starck Cross Digi

When Phillipe Starck and Fossil get together, magic happens. First, there was the O-Ring Digi, and now, the Cross Digi. The cross shaped display shows the time vertically and the day and date horizontally, and the controls are all hidden underneath the uni-body silicon case. It’s subtle yet stylish, and is sure to catch the eye of anyone with an appreciation for design.

[Fossil – Phillipe Starck Cross Digi]

[Via: Product Dose]