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…There’s something in the water?

There’s Something In The Water

There’s Something In The Water is a short animation that was made for V Water, a new brand of vitamin water that is suspiciously similar to Vitamin Water.

Apparently V Water is different though, because it makes you think you’re a stick figure living in a hallucinogenic, easily manipulated world.

If only we were all so lucky.

[V Water – There’s Something In The Water]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Tcritic is critical?

Lucky Threadz Vs Busted TeesTcritic put Lucky Threadz and Busted Tees in a head to head showdown to see who would come out on top when working with similar designs, and a winner was chosen despite the close contest.

To read the very thorough rundown, and to see who was victorious, you’ll have to click the link.

[Busted Tees]

[Lucky Threadz]

[Tcritic – The Funny Shirt Showdown]