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…It’s TGI Friday: Skating and snowboarding sail?

Skateboard And Snowboard Sail

With some tarp, a few feet of duct tape, clear plastic material from grandma, fiberglass shock chorded poles, and two feet of plastic tubing, you can build your very own hand held skating and snowboarding sail that folds up when you’re done using it for easy transportation.

Self propulsion is now officially out of style.

[Instructables – Handheld Skating And Snowboarding Sail]

…Skateboarders need band-aids?

Band-aid Skateboard

Here’s a cool idea for a skateboard deck that comes with its own irony: A giant band-aid. This hand painted creation is almost more suitable for wall art than skating. Either way, I like it.

[Flickr – Band-aid Skateboard]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]