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…The Vanities Girls are beautiful?

Vanities Girls

In September of ’06, Vanity Fair changed the format of their opening to the Vanities section to feature a full-page, 50s-style pinup of an up-and-coming star.

Vanity Fair

    These shapely ingénues are on the cusp of fame or have just hit it big; they have names you need to know and faces you won’t have trouble remembering.

Thankfully, they’ve taken those beautiful photos and turned them into an online slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

[Vanity Fair – The Vanities Girls]

…Homer did a Noah K?

Noah Kalina’s slideshow of images that documented six years of his life was a fantastically original project, so of course, The Simpsons had to make their own.

Here, you see 39 years of Homer’s life occur in a little over a minute:

…Forbes smokes the wacky weed?

Forbes Weed

Here’s a list that I never thought I would see from the likes of Forbes: The Most Exotic Brands Of Weed. From Strawberry Cough ($25 per gram) to Chemdog ($35 per gram), it’s a potent slideshow of NORML goods. Just remember, when asked, simply say: “I did not inhale”.

[Forbes – The Most Exotic Brands Of Weed]

[Via: Luxist]