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…Paganis sound good?

Pagani Stereo

Apparently, automakers that dabble in carbon fiber also have a penchant for high-end stereo equipment, because they seem to enjoy lending their name to pieces of audio art.

This Pagani system features an aluminum and carbon fiber turntables, CD player, and speaker pair that’s designed to mimic the Zonda’s sound system controls with additional details like the Zonda exhaust themed ports tying the two together.

I guess if you an afford a Zonda, then they assume you can afford something like this; because I don’t imagine shock absorbing carbon fiber turntables are a cheap addition to any home.



…Bicycles can go boom?

Boom Bike

Though it probably makes peddling a bit harder, these mobile sound systems put the party on wheels.

A new trend in Queens, bike stereos give those that are too young or can’t afford an auto a chance to rock out on the go, with car batteries powering thousands of watts of amps, subs, and speakers.

It might not look pretty, but it gets the job done.

[New York Times – Bicycles That Carry Powerful Beats, And Even A Rider Or Two]